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I'm trouble.

Over 177,000 men devour my material daily to get First-Class Freedom for themselves.  That could mean attracting way hotter females, becoming the Social God in your city or making millions.

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I know something interesting about you:

You’re different.

You see everyone else around you, satisfied with average - average women, average money, average life - and you don't get it.

"What's wrong with them?"..

But soon you realize there's nothing wrong with them.

You were just wired differently.

Like me. Like the 177,189 ambitious guys currently on Team Capital. Hey, I'm Jason Capital.

When I was a 20-year old virgin, I knew I was wired different, destined for different. 

When I was a broke college dropout living in my parent’s basement, I knew I was wired different, destined for different.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.34.12 AMAnd even today, when I fly private, speak to audiences of 5,000 people or kick models out of my bedroom, I still know this.

(In fact, my tastes are simple: I only prefer the best. As one of my mentors once told me, “Look around Jason..there is no preference for average.)

For the last 3 years, I’ve written Daily Newsletters to my private email list (capped at 68,000 right now). These newsletters and the private online programs I offer with them have been so effective, we now have more than 12,000 Success Stories on “Team Capital”. And with all that success came demand.

Overwhelming demand.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.40.27 AMWhat kind of overwhelming demand?

To share these VIP Newsletters with the world, with the guys who’ve missed out up until now but are ready to learn and take action and transform themselves and their lives, just like the top guys on Team Capital have been doing everyday for years now.

So that’s why I started this site.

To 1) share those infamous newsletters with you, and 2) to let you in on all the newest ones too. 

As you’ll quickly discover here, I’m not like most “dating gurus” you may have come across before.

I’m the Dating Coach your mom
never wanted you to meet.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.37.52 AMThat’s because I’m brash.

I swear a lot.

And if I deem you worthy, I’m going to make you the most DOMINANT, ATTRACTIVE, SUCCESSFUL VERSION of yourself humanly possible. 

If I deem you worthy, I’m going to make you unstoppably attractive to women. 

If I deem you worthy, I’m going to make you more confident than god. 

If I deem you worthy, I’m going to make you more powerful than you ever dreamed of, and..

..I’m going to do it in record time.

(You’ll learn why I would so such a thing as you read the newsletters and articles on this site. And no, it has nothing to do with money. I was a self-made millionaire by 25, and business continues to get better every single day.)

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.41.41 AM

You might want to know a little bit more about my story so I’m going to share a brief timeline with you in a second, but as my 177,000 fans and customers in 116 countries will tell you, we’ve been very successful up to this point, so we’re very particular about who we let in.

That's why a lot of the normal "social media channels" we run are so exclusive. We've never spent a cent promoting those. We keep our guys in-house, on the private email lists, where real shit gets done.

We do things right, we take action, we bet on ourselves, we lean into our edges, and we kaizen.

177,000 Fans in 116 Countries,
And We're Very Particular..


(And we do not watch tv, which research Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.34.01 AMcontinues to show turns you into a weak, lazy, low-status bitch.)

You promise to play by the rules, and we promise to take care of you like no one’s ever taken care of you before. Think you can handle that?

Great, then let’s get fvcking started.

First off, I know a lot about you, so it’s only fair you learn a little about me:

As promised, here’s that brief timeline:

A Brief Timeline of Jason Capital

1988: I am born in Michigan, an extremely mediocre state, right up there with Delaware. 

2001: I am cut from the 8th Grade basketball team.

2002: I dedicate my life to basketball.

2002 - 2007: I play basketball. A lot. I have really good mentors and coaches for this. I get good. 

2007-2008: I finally achieve my teenage dream of playing college basketball.

2009: I realize I hate playing basketball but love setting behemoth goals for myself, achieving them and seeing how much I can grow, develop and evolve in the process. I also realize that 99% of people don’t get this. I am amazed at how “ok” they are with living the life their parents and teachers presented them with - “ideals they’ve had almost no voice in fashioning” - instead of choosing their own path. 

2009: I go to my first college party and realize I have no idea how to communicate with hot girls (I am a 20 and a virgin at this point). 

2009 - 2010: I invest thousands of hours, and tens of thousands of dollars mastering this whole “attract and sleep with hot girls” thing. I hire coaches. I find mentors. I get stupidly good at “game”. My behemoth dick is pleased with achieving this behemoth goal. 

2010: I drop out of college but decide to stay on campus for another year, to continue working on my online businesses and burgeoning sluttiness. Within a few months, I’m making $20,000 a month and my hip flexors are always sore. From all the crazy, dominant sex I’m having, with all the different flavors of women. In case that wasn’t clear. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.37.32 AM2010: Others begin to pay me to teach them how to attract hot females too, at first with Chipotle burritos, then with real money. Small group sessions turn into full-on seminars. I realize how much fun I have teaching this stuff too, and seeing my clients now succeed with girls that were once out of their reach.


2011: On a whim, I leave almost everything I own in Michigan to move to San Diego, where my online business continues to grow, along with my client roster for Dating Coaching. I fly first-class to California. It feels good. 

Late 2011: I discover marijuana. 

Early 2012: I smoke marijuana, bang stoner chicks and ignore everything else, including both my businesses. 

Mid 2012: I am now flat broke. I move back home to my parent’s basement. In Michigan. I fly “coach” to get home. I sit next to 2 fat chicks. I have no arm room. Their tricep jiggle scares me. What’s in there?? 

Summer 2012: I reconnect with my purpose - giving men back their power. This is make or break time.  I go into full “Iron Man” mode, working quietly in my parent’s basement, and MAKE THE DECISION TO BECOME THE #1 DATING COACH IN THE WORLD, and TRANSFORM 1,000,000 MEN WORLDWIDE into the most dominant, attractive, successful versions of themselves. 

Late 2012: I move back to California, this time to Los Angeles. I move into a tiny 510 square foot apt in Santa Monica, complete with a kitchen the size of Spud Webb and a shower that never works. My bedroom is also my office, my gym and my library. Doesn’t matter. I am on a mission. I will either succeed, or die trying. Death sounds boring, so I’m choosing success. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.38.27 AM

2013 - Present Day: I write, I fvck, I travel, I read, I speak, I turn down TV opportunity after TV opportunity, I write, I speak, I fvck, I coach, I read, I almost transcend consciousness through sex,
and so on. Life is good. 

And here we are today, now, Team Capital is growing faster than ever before..

My mission has not changed:

Transform 1,000,000 men into the most dominant, most attractive, most successful versions of themselves. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.31.49 AM

We’re at 177,000 right now, and you - you charming devil - you’re next.


"This Was More Valuable than My Harvard  MBA, Which I Spent $200,000 ON.."  

K.Z., San Francisco, CA



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the team capital mission: 1,000,000 GUYS GETTING WHAT THEY WANT, WHEN THEY WANT, WITH WHO THEY WANT.

"Jason might be the biggest badass I know, and I know
a lot of badasses."

John Romaniello, NYT Best-Selling Author,
Celebrity Trainer, Close Friend Of Tim Ferris,
Gary Vaynerchuk, Arnold Schwarzenegger

JC, I 'm a retired Navy Seal who was lost in life. You saved me, and best of all, my kids now have a father they can admire and be proud of. So glad you've been sent here for us guys. Never stop, always keep f*cking going..

Kenny S., 41 Years Old
Palm Beach, Florida

Just wrapped up my first million-dollar deal. celebrating now with my smoking hot gf. Like I've been telling all my friends who I actually like, your products are god-like and worth 100x the cost.

Oliver R., 34 Years Old
London, UK

Well, you’ve done it. Taught an old dog new tricks. I’m 52 years young, and recently divorced. Was in a lot of pain, so I invested in a bunch of your programs, and saw results the first night. Watching you teach is so much fun too, love the free-flowing energy! I’ve attached pics of the 3 women I’m currently dating, all because of you. Keep it up, you are gonna be the most popular man in the world pretty soon, at least to us guys. Proud Team Capital Member For Life Here.

Daryl R., 52 Years Young
Chicago, Illinois

Jason.. In a world where the media has destroyed all masculine heroes, you are the one - the one who will not be stopped. because of you, i'm crystal clear on my purpose in life and my bangin-hot girlfriend wants to bring other girls into the bedroom.

Tyler M., 22 Years Old
Los Angeles, CA

My relationship with my boyfriend went from stale to AMAZING in just a few weeks time. I asked him what changed in him? He said JASON CAPITAL. So I just checked you out, and I find myself nodding along yes with everything you’re saying. You're incredibly hot too! ha! don’t tell my bf I said that 🙂

Rachel L., 27 Year Old
New York City

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